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2018 Comics & Stories | Algonquin College

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Cold Water

Cold water is a modern retelling of the "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats" fairytail. 

Class: Graphic Narratives I


Alleyway Anarchy


Alleyway Anarchy is a story


revolving around 4 friends who


try to figure out why people


keep mysteriously dying in



Class: Graphic Narratives II

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Elewyn and the Terrible Toadstool

(Mock episode storyboards)


Elewyn and the Terrible Toadstool is a collection of


60 rough storyboards for a mock episode featuring


my original witch character, Elewyn, and her friend Aurora.


Class: Interpretive Illustration

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Charlie and Muu

(Children's book collaboration)

Charlie and Muu is a story of two kittens who are trying to decide what to play while waiting for their owner to return home. 

Since this was a collaborative assignment, the story was written by a writing student, while the illustrations were done by myself.

Class: Graphic Narratives I

Personal Comics & Mini Comics

Sizzling Drunk

sizzling drunk.png

Conditioner (straight vs curly hair)

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